Pleasure Wine

A new approach to wine at the restaurant

At Victor Café we love good wine and we want to make it accessible to everyone!

Our rigorous selection was made by one of the best wine tasters in France who makes his selections directly from the vineyards and prefers wine producers who bring out their region’s particularities and who are committed to respecting the environment. These are wines that are very pleasant on the palette.

Because one can love wine without knowing a wine’s particular origin or appellation, we have chosen to present our wine selection by color and type to facilitate your choice: light, coarse, fruity, smooth, robust, complex, creamy, full-bodied and fleshy… its up to the client to choose the wine according to his/her taste.

To ensure that the pairing of our dishes and wines is a harmonious one, for each dish on the menu an appropriate accompanying wine is suggested. Wines by the glass are also proposed from a selection of choice wines, all of which are reasonably priced.

Discoverer of artistic talents through the hotel’s art gallery, the New Hotel Of Marseille and its restaurant Victor Café also scouts the young talent in winemaking and offers a selection of “new wave” wines – casual wines made for the curious taste buds in search of new sensations.

Discover our selection of wines.