Lunch Menu

All our dishes are “homemade”, prepared on site from raw product.

This Menu is available for lunch and dinner. Choose from our Menu to create your own meal:


  • Today's starter 9€
  • Taragon-flavoured fish accras, sweet and sour pineapple sauce 12€
  • Poached egg, cream of spinach and crispy bread soliders 11€
  • Anchoiade in puff pastry and crunchy vegetable 11€


  • Main course of the day 15€
  • Swordfich steak "a la plancha", egg plant garnish and Parmigiano sauce 16€
  • Meagre poached in its shellfish broth, root vegetable and saffron jus (Meagre is also known as shade-fish) 17€
  • Saddle of rabbit with "tapenade" (blended olives & olive oil), creamy cauliflower and preserved tomato shortbread 19€


  • Today's dessert 8€
  • Tiramisu with caramelised pear 9€
  • Black chocolate fondant, white chocolate ice cream and coconut crip 9€
  • Oven-baked apple, vanilla ice cream, Nutella-flavoured chantilly cream 9€
  • Coffee served with dessert samples 8€


  • Starter of the day + Main course of the day Or Main course of the day + Dessert of the day


  • 1 dish of Marseilles+ 1 glass of wine or 1 coffee
  • MONDAY: Mushroom, tomatoes and zucchini stuffed with beef meat, garlic, onion, parsley served with rice
  • TUESDAY: Cod "brandade" (a cod puree with olive oil, milk and garlic)
  • WEDNESDAY: Beef cheek and red wine casserole, a traditional provencal dish
  • THURSDAY: Beef rolls stuffed with parsley, garlic and bacon, in a tomato sauce served with pastas
  • FRIDAY: Salted cod, boiled patatoes, carrots, hard boiled eggs and cauliflowers accompanied by "Aioli" (garlic mayonnaise)